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Top 3 things to take on your 2020 trek

We relaunch our blog with this article from On Track Expeditions guide and Operations Manager Ian Lumb sharing his top 3 things to pack for our 2020 treks

Kilimanjaro Expedition

  • Sunglasses – Whether you’re at the bottom of the mountain starting your trek or at the top celebrating your achievement as the sun rises, it’s bright and warm in Tanzania.

  • Variety of socks – Unlike many other mountains around the world, your Kilimanjaro expeditions starts with a few warmer days and then some very cold ones closer to the top. Have a variety of socks to keep your feet happy!

  • A really warm sleeping bag – Nothing better than getting into your tent after a good day's walking and climbing into a warm sleeping bag. It can get very chilly at night so a warm bag makes for a great sleep.

Nepal Expedition

  • Lip Balm – The cool dry air can really dry your lips, so make sure to pack a couple as for some reason you always manage to misplace one!

  • Buff – This is a small but very handy ‘scarf like’ item that can protect your face on cold days, keep the dust out or work as a bandana.

  • A book – There is always down time in Nepal and finding a nice spot in the tea house watching the sun set behind the 8,000m high mountains as you read a book and enjoy a cuppa is a great way to finish off the day. Plus, most tea houses have a small book swap meaning you can find your next read with ease.

Kokoda Expedition

  • A chair – As simple as this may sound, a light refolding chair will change your world! No sitting in the dirt or mud and super easy to pack up when the boys call “Let’s GO”

  • Body Glide – On the warm days you can develop a bit of chafe and this stuff will prevent it with early application. Cheap and light and it could change your life!

  • Zip lock bags – These will keep your phone, toilet paper, charging device, snacks and anything else you can fit in DRY.

Overland Track

  • A quality pack – You are your own Sherpa on this trip, so a good fitting pack is key. With everything you need on your back you get to experience self-sufficiency.

  • Warm gloves – The Tassie mornings and evenings get really chilly so a good pair of gloves will help keep your fingers toasty warm.

  • A pack of card – A given item on any hiking trip but especially on the Overland Track. Relaxing in the afternoon sun playing a game or two as the wombats walk by, heaven.

What are your top packing tips? Share them in the comments section below.