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Why postponing your booked trip can save the travel industry in Australia.

The travel industry in Australia and around the world is in a very fragile position. Like many other industries and jobs, we are facing a situation that can and will destroy many companies and thus means job losses for many employees.

BUT there is a way we can all help!

Postpone your booked trip, DON’T cancel!

By postponing your travel, you will allow companies to borrow money to stay open as they can prove that they have the bookings and revenue to operate once we can all travel safely again. This also means that these companies have something to work towards, a hope and light at the end of this tunnel.

Airlines around the world are happy to offer credits or rebook you at a later date instead of refunding. This allows them to continue to operate and could mean we can prevent a collapse in any of our country’s carriers – the last thing we want is an airline monopoly when this is all over.

If you still want a refund, to which you are intitled to, as you may fear you will lose your payments if a company goes under or you are not happy with what they can offer. Then you are more than welcome to it.

When we as a nation and a global community get through this challenging time, we will all need a holiday somewhere. By keeping your money in a reputable travel company with clear terms and conditions will mean that holiday will be ready when you are.

Australians are born travellers. Whether it be exploring our vast nation, walking the Kokoda Track, summiting mountains, going on day walks or just simply exploring the other side of the world – we will all travel again.

If you postpone your trip and don’t cancel, then you will be helping keep our industry alive.