On Tracks Meals

Real Food / not dehydrated.

Gourmet meals
for the outdoors

On Track meals are delicious non refrigerated meals for home or outdoors! Simply heat & eat.


Pirate Ship Foundation

The Pirate Ship Foundation is a bold and passionate community that funds vital research into childhood brain cancer through a range of initiatives, adventures, events and partnerships.

Childhood brain cancer kills more Australian children than any other disease.

Please have a look at the amazing work they are doing to improve treatment options for children with brain cancer with their primary objective, ultimately leading to a cure.



Each night, more than 800 million people are plunged into complete darkness since they don’t have equal access to clean energy. SolarBuddy is an Australian charity uniting a global community with a big dream to gift six million solar lights to children living in energy poverty by 2030, to help them study after dusk and improve their education outcomes.


Kokoda Track Foundation

KTF work with people and communities to improve the lives and futures of Papua New Guineans. They do this by: assisting remote and rural communities with access to elementary and primary education; improving access to quality and accessible healthcare; improving livelihoods and access to sustainable income-generation opportunities, especially for women; and by fostering he next generation of leaders.


Duke of Edinburgh

The Duke of Edinburgh is a non-formal education youth development program, empowering all Australians aged 14-24 to explore their full potential and find their purpose, passion and place in the world, regardless of they location or circumstance. To achieve an award, each young person must learn a new skill, improve their physical well being, volunteer in their community and experience a team adventure in a new environment.


Bogong Equipment

Bogong share the passion

Bogong was founded in 1989 by outdoor enthusiasts for outdoor enthusiasts. Owner Neil Blundy is a passionate bushwalker who has walked extensively in Australia and abroad.Bogong is and always has been a fully independent store. We carefully choose the best equipment that is right for the job.


K2 Base Camp

K2 is structured around the catch cry “Let all of your challenges come from the adventures you undertake and not from the gear you have chosen”.

The locally owned and run K2 Base Camp has been helping adventurers experience, explore and succeed for 30 years now with a passionate team and top quality climbing gear.



Mont Bell is distributed in Australian and New Zealand by Larry Adler Ski and Outdoor. From humble beginnings, this family business has grown to become one of the most respected and trusted brands in ski & outdoor retail and rental. And one that we very proud of.After teaching people to ski in both Canada and Australia for many years, Larry Adler decided to open the first Larry Adler store in 1976.


Aspire Adventure Equipment

Aspire Adventure Equipment is located in Launceston and is locally owned and operated, independent great store.

Aspire’s experienced staff will aim to make your next adventure wilder and more enjoyable. we love popping to in see the Team at Aspire when we re in town.

Visit Aspire Adventure Equipment


Adventure Fitness Aus

Adventure Fitness Aus (AFA) is a strength and conditioning gym that trains people for adventures outdoors. We also train youth climbers, endurance racers, hikers, mountaineers and climbers, both physically and mindfully.

AFA is based in Brisbane and also offers online training.


Summit Strength

Specialised personal training for trekkers and mountaineers. Our training is designed to improve your trail fitness, reduce the risk of common hiking injuries and allow you to not only succeed in your dream adventure but enjoy yourself while doing it! Offering both online-only and Sydney-based training.


Expedition Training

Our Vision is to empower and give  skills to individuals so they can live life to the fullest in the great outdoors

Our Mission is to provide the highest quality training, provide value for money, seek to continually improve all that we do, act ethically and professionally at all times and act as ambassadors for sustainable environmental practice

Our Quote…

“If you want results, you don’t get something for nothing. Training is as long as it needs to be to be effective”


Adventure Fitness Australia