We are ready to hit the ‘GO’ button and why you should be too!

As we negotiate this difficult time in history, we need to also remember that despite all the adversities that humans have faced during our known civilisation, we have gotten through them all and progressed with life.

We are built to move forward and grow.

Sometimes seeing the light at the end of the tunnel can be hard as we all have our own fears and worries. The things that get us through are our support networks, our motivation to continue and hopes and dreams for the future.

At On Track Expeditions we are not just hoping or dreaming, but we know that we WILL be taking people all over the world exploring amazing locations and learning even more about themselves. It’s easy for us to get annoyed that the tourism industry is currently out of work and that it could be sometime before travel bans are lifted and the world is healthy enough to travel.

But we know we WILL travel and explore this world again soon. And that is what is driving us to be better and stronger. Our hand is on the big ‘GO’ button and we are ready to hit it when you are ready to travel again.

This is also why you should be motivated and excited too. Can you imagine how amazing it will be to see a world that has a newfound respect for freedom, a new love for the simple things and the want to support everyone who has been hit hard? It’s going to be a fantastic time to travel!

Can you imagine the faces of our brothers and sisters in PNG, Nepal, Africa and Vanuatu when we bring the first group of trekkers into their villages? They will show us a level of hospitality and love like we have never experienced because this is affecting them too. Our global family cannot wait to walk, sing, dance and eat together again and we WILL see them soon.

Just remember, 2020 may be ‘on hold’ for now, but as soon as we hit that ‘GO’ button you better be ready to explore with us because this world is missing you and wants to show you just how amazing it is.

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